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From Tsukuru to United Judo

It all started in 2011, where by the power of a few determined coaches, judoka and parents a new club was being produced. A local thriving club Tsukuru Judo Academy and head coach Rob New took us under his wing and expanded his team. The fresh expansion site was then based at Crook Log Leisure Centre in Bexleyheath, a club that is still running to this day.

The team at Tsukuru were already producing national players where combined with this new club continued to create countless more. Together the clubs had national players in almost every weight and class category including Pre-Cadet, Cadet, Senior and Masters – making it not only a club to look out for but some of the best players to watch at a competition.

Some of the key competitors included: Robert New, Darrell George, Den Warner, Konur Kent, Dave Quinn, Dave Moon, Harry Lougheed, Grace Griffith, Max Shorter, Brayden Quinn, Will Young and countless many more. The key to success is hard work and this same mentality was woven into the day-to-day sessions at Tsukuru Judo Academy.

From the initial opening of Crook Log Leisure Centre Tsukuru Judo Academy, it was then again expanded by David Quinn into Dartford within St Vincents Church Hall. This brought the number of members within the club into the hundreds.

After several years of competitive success and careful consideration, Tsukuru Judo Academy was to convert back into two separate clubs. Through the famous quote “In skill opposed, in spirit united,” United Judo was then born with their main site based within Bexleyheath (Crook Log Leisure Centre). Initially the Head Coach David Quinn and Assistant Head Coach Chris Ronayne expanded to every age/ability possible producing several classes for everyone to enjoy.

Both clubs Tsukuru and United Judo continued to produce national medalists throughout the years until Tsukuru Judo unfortunately got hit hard throughout the COVID pandemic. This then forced the closure of the club premises at Walnuts Leisure Centre and then later the club as a whole. Committed to supporting the local community the members of Tsukuru Judo Academy then transitioned over to Harris Judo Club which was as well based in Orpington. One of Tsukuru Judo Academy’s great coaches Trevor Griffith also transitioned to become one of Harris Judo Club’s competitive coaches.

Since going our separate ways United Judo has persisted to grow in size, quality and performance. Through these years United Judo have organised the Bexley team within the London Youth Games, raised thousands of pounds for charities, supported Sidcup Judo Club and welcomed hundreds of new members to the sport with open arms.