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Thank you Jack Petchey

Lots of sports in the UK get funding from the government to continue running and support children of the local community. Unfortunately, Judo is not one of those so we rely on our self-made profits and supporters like The Jack Petchey Foundation. Read more about how this charity helps us in more ways than one below.

Who is Sir Jack Petchey?

Jack Petchey set up the foundation to inspire young people across London and Essex to reach their full potential and aim for the stars. An incredible inspiration to everyone he takes an active interest in running the charity for children throughout the country who need a little extra push to keep doing their best. Born into a working class family in the East End in 1925, Jack left school at 13 and then joined the Navy in 1943. After leaving the Navy he then went onto be a solicitor, when he went for the management role he was told he wasn’t management material and would never be a businessman. Through this comment, Jack spent every awake minute to prove them wrong, then went onto build a multi-million pound empire.

Jack received his knighthood in special recognision for his many years of impactful charitable work. Jack is now 98 years of age and continuing to support the charity grow to aid countless individuals.

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What is the foundation?

In a world where the younger generation’s voice and potential have never been more vital, organisations like the Jack Petchey Foundation shine as beacons of hope. The Jack Petchey Foundation is a remarkable charitable organisation that has been making a profound impact on the lives of young people in the United Kingdom for over two decades. In this chapter, we’ll delve into the foundation’s history, mission, and the transformative work it has been doing to empower the youth.

The Jack Petchey Foundation was established in 1999 by Sir Jack Petchey, a successful British entrepreneur and philanthropist. Sir Jack’s vision was simple yet powerful: he wanted to inspire and motivate young people to achieve their full potential, regardless of their background or circumstances. His belief in the potential of youth has been the driving force behind the foundation’s initiatives.

How has Jack Petchey helped us?

The Jack Petchey Foundation has helped us grow tenfold with numerous awards and support funding for countless judokas over the years. Each award also brings individual funding for whatever they would like, whether that be a social interaction day out go-karting, quaser laser, jump giants etc. or supplies for the club such as hoodies, training material and judo suits. Without Jack Petchey we wouldn’t be anywhere near the size we are today and hold a special place in our hearts for the businessman he DEFINITELY is – those solicitors never deserved your hard work anyway!

Thank you Jack…