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Gradings and Syllabus Structure

United Judo is part of the British Judo Association, so utilise the BJA grading system to provide an appropriate grading route for judokas (members). Our students will be invited to club gradings when their coaches decide they are ready for promotion.

This will typically be every 4 to 6 months if you are grading as a technical student. If you are grading as a competitive student, you will grade when you start beating the next graded belt within a competition environment.

During the grading examination you will be tested on your ability to know the meaning of Japanese throws, holds, terminology and armlocks/strangles (if applicable).

Please remember to bring your licence record book to the club gradings to ensure we can get your grading processed as soon as possible. You will also need to ensure you keep your licence up to date.

If you are looking to do your next grading, make sure you know it before consulting a coach! Click on the buttons below for relevant the belt-by-belt syllabus for all age brackets and belts.

The coloured belts in Judo
U8 Sho Gradings

Judoka aged 5 to 7 years

Mon Gradings

Judoka aged 8 to 17 years

Kyu Gradings

Judoka aged 14+ years

Black Belt Gradings

Competitive or Technical