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Judo is a hugely popular Olympic and Paralympic sport and martial art. Translated as the gentle way, it incorporates throwing, hold downs, armlocks and strangles for a full-body combat contested sport – there is no punching or kicking. With it’s beautiful nature the sport attracts more than 40 million people worldwide and is featured in several international and world championship-level competitions.

Judo is a free-form (with a partner) activity rather than a rigid routine or a team sport environment. Your team is often made from the club or county you fight for and here at United, we strive for a committed family-type approach. Judo can improve your flexibility, balance, discipline, strength, agility, speed and mental health. Judo is also great for cardiovascular exercise and helping improve stamina and endurance.

Judo is an amazing sport, often made up of hugely dynamic throws where individuals fly through the air at high speeds and strength. The game aims to win control and take your opponent to the floor, landing flat on their back for the total score (ippon). Another way to win is holding the partner down with them on their back for a set competitive time. As you progress into senior years, armlocks and strangles are then included in the sport for a more diverse game to play for the individual.

Judo can be hugely rewarding, try it today with two FREE sessions with us! We’ll even let you borrow a judo suit to get started.

If you want to see judo in action, watch the videos below.