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Kyu (senior) gradings

The Kyu grade system was constructed to give adults a technical challenge whilst they learn the terminology, competitive attitude and understanding that the sport requires. Although there are no contest requirements in the Kyu Grade system there is a progressive tandoori element needed to practice your skills and abilities.

Judoka follow a study of techniques from throwing, hold downs, roll overs, escapes, armlocks, strangles and counter abilities. The students will be required to demonstrate these techniques within a tested environment and elements that cater for you body type and fighting mentality will be added by the United Judo Coaches.

With regular study and training, a student should be able to complete the Kyu Grade system in approximately 6 to 9 years. There are 6 different grades contained within the Kyu grade system, with each grade awarding a different coloured belt. Judoka that have complete this route are then able to train for their British Judo Dan Grade.

The Kyu Grade Syllabus
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The BJA Judo Kyu Grade System