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Mon (junior) gradings

The Mon grade system is a upgraded route ladder with distinctive promotions and different coloured belts based on the technical ability, knowledge and understanding as well as Japanese terminology. You can do these grades within a technical or grading style with no enforcement for competition in place – if you are looking to do this system as a competitor it is wise to grade to the level you beat within competition.

During this syllabus the student will learn the english translation for the Japanese terms in addition to appropriate gripping, respectful behaviour and practical use. These gradings are taken place at the club by a qualified coach available – if you are looking to grade please consult your coach today.

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Judo Mon Belt Grading System BJA Judo
Novice to 6th Mon
Novice to 6th Mon BJA Judo Syllabus UK
7th Mon to 12th Mon
BJA Judo Syllabus 7th Mon to 12th Mon Juniors
13th Mon to 18th Mon
Black belt syllabus
Additional Promotion Syllabus