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Our players

We are incredibly proud of our players and their Judo journeys. Whether that be from our red belts trying hip throws for the first time, to our more advanced players excelling their armlocks and strangles. Each player has made their unique journey to where they are today with a series of coaches advice. 

In addition to our club players, we host a group of Best in County players and National Players. Our national players train with the utmost dedication on numerous days, taking onboard the knowledge they need to win – advised by previous National Champion, International and World Champions.

Through all skill levels we are also proud to host a huge list of Black Belt Dan grades, we’ve taken from novice to skilled – see some of them below.

Our Dan Grades

Across the board we’ve made thousands of scoring points…

Dave Stanley – 7th Dan

Dave Quinn – 6th Dan

Dave Ede – 6th Dan

Chris Newman – 4th Dan

Bill Sargent Snr – 3rd Dan

Paraic Hernon – 3rd Dan

Danny Sargent – 2nd Dan

Bill Sargent Jnr – 2nd Dan

Chris Ronayne – 2nd Dan

Khissain Pirov – 2nd Dan

Stuart Hollingdale – 2nd Dan

David Rumble – 2nd Dan

Brayden Quinn – 2nd Dan

William Young – 1st Dan

Anselmo Marinheiro – 1st Dan

Peter Fryer – 1st Dan

Ciaran Ronayne – 1st Dan

Dan Gibbons – 1st Dan

Henry Ripley – 1st Dan

Skip Callard – 1st Dan

Leon Wilson – 1st Dan

Mick Cook – 1st Dan

Our National Players

Previously or currently

David Quinn

Bill Sargent Snr

Bill Sargent Jnr

Dan Sargent

Dan Gibbons

Max Shorter

Brayden Quinn

William Young

Jack Jenman

Paraic Hernon

Karis Stevens

Billy Adams

Louie Senguin

Kagan Barker

Ollie Cook

Khissain Pirov

Charlotte Jenman