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New to Judo?

Whatever age, size, shape or mentality you hold you are welcome at United Judo Club. Here you can begin your judo journey with the supported guidance of our fully qualified competitive and technical coaches. Whether you are looking to train fitness, learn Japanese, find new friends or everything in between we can help you.

We offer a two-session free promotion, meaning you get your first two sessions completely free as a taster. Within this taster, you can borrow a judo suit to get started. Within this taster you will learn the basic art of falling safely, some basic throwing techniques and hold-down transitions. Additionally, you will learn early entry discipline and respect for others like bowing at the right time and hand shaking for appreciation to others.

Judo can be a hugely beneficial sport to participate in and who knows you may find your new favourite activity, here at United Judo.

To get started, please go to our Contact Us page and get in touch.